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Striking Simplified

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Welcome to Striking Simplified! 
A Comprehensive Guide to Technical Striking

My mission is excellence. That is, I want to assist martial arts enthusiasts, including myself, in pursuing excellence. To do this, this website aims to deliver high quality and comprehensive information on popular combat sport (striking) techniques. 

With emphasis on Mixed Martial Arts, it will include (but is not limited to) detailed analysis of: Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. This means that much of the analyses will consider the technical, cultural, and subtle differences in each respective art.

I have always dreamed about a platform where passionate martial artists could present their knowledge, exchange ideas, and have constructive discourses. Certainly, there are such platforms that already exist in some shape or form. 


A high quality platform where anyone who is interested in combat sports can learn effectively, efficiently, and for free does not yet exist. For those who know where to look and how to look, amazing information certainly exist in abundance. But it is this exact process that Striking Simplified seeks to simplify for everyone: with it's own analytic voice, it will deliver technical knowledge with more flow and organization. On top of that, it will also direct you to excellent sources to learn.


Ideally, Striking Simplified will be a platform that has a community where people continually give and receive, one that helps educate each other and better each other. I dream of a community that is always constructive and ever-improving.  

To find out more about Striking Simplified, click on "About"  tab. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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